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It’s called “Compartmentalization”.

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I LOVE HIM —Harry Styles about Chris Martin (via legohousedea)
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The boys sat down with DJ Scott Mills for an hour long heart-to-heart during their brief spell in Glasgow - and apparently got alot off their chests. Talking about the chat, Scott Mills said: “It was the most serious interview I’ve done with them. We talked about the future and how long they think they’ve got left. They got alot of stick and we talk about that. It feels like they wanted to set the record straight. I’ve not heard them do that before.” Scott says Liam Payne has become the unofficial mouthpiece of the boyband, adding “I don’t have a fave but Liam is the best one to talk to. He calls himself the Gary Barlow of the band.” + 

Hear the hour long interview of the boys with Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1 at 2pm, UK Time. 
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@zaynmalik: Ask me if I give a motherfuck?!!

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One Direction - Where We Are Tour Sunderland (28.05.2014) - x 

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Louis Tomlinson - Sunderland, UK - 28.05.14 x

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louis and harry’s reaction to liam falling

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